RFI Shielding

With a wide range of materials in stock, low cost die knife and mould tooling we can manufacture a huge variety of RFI Shielding gaskets and screening components.

With compounding and moulding capability, we produce our own electrically conductive elastomers and with swing beam presses, knitting machines and a highly skilled labour force we can produce gaskets for almost all RFI shielding applications. Our engineers have many years of practical experience in the control of EMC emissions and can provide comprehensive advice, guidance and technical support, whatever your application.

Die cut and fabricated shielding gaskets, custom made to drawing or from standard profiles, good stocks of raw materials fast lead times, low cost die knife and mould tooling.

RFI / EMI Shielding Gaskets & Components

We manufacture RFI / EMI gaskets and components from a wide variety of materials. Most popular are our electrically conductive elastomers which consist of metal fillers compounded in either silicone or fluorosilicone. Gaskets made from these materials offer excellent shielding performance and environmental sealing capability and we offer a wide range of fillers to ensure the best galvanic compatibility. The range includes nickel, nickel graphite, silver, silver aluminium, silver copper, silver glass and carbon.

Perpendicular oriented wires in silicone is a more economical choice, monel or alminium wires are embedded in either silicone or fluorosilicone elastomer providing an electrically conductive environmental seal up to IP65 or better dependent on flange design. This material is manufactured in blocks which we slice to make sheets, allowing us to supply in any thickness from 0.8mm to 5mm Gaskets larger than resulting sheets are ‘picture framed’ using our unique vulcanising process which ensures flat even joints at all times.

Electrically Conductive Elastomer

Silicone or fluorosilicone elastomer with conductive filler; silver, silver aluminium, silver copper, silver glass, nickel, nickel graphite or carbon to suit shielding and galvanic requirement. Compounded and moulded in house, it is available in sheets, extruded profiles and moulded parts eg ‘o’ rings.

Embedded Wires in Silicone

Wires embedded in silicone, fluorosilicone or neoprene Woven wire or expanded mesh ideally suited to MIL 38999 type connector gaskets and for gaskets 0.5 - 2.5mm thick. Oriented wires in silicone are ideal where environmental sealing is important, available from 0.8mm up to 5mm thick

Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted wire mesh using monel, stainless steel, tin plated copper clad steel or aluminium wire to suit galvanic requirements. May contain elastomer cores of neoprene or silicone for greater compressibility. Attach knitted strip to elastomer carrier to produce a combination environmental and RFI seal.

Conductive Fabric & Foams

Electrically conductive fabrics and fabric over foam produced from nickel over copper plated polyester woven in ripstop, taffeta or spuncloth.Open cell sponge plated with nickel and copper ideal for I/O gasket. Open weave meshes for inclusion in ‘window’ applications. Fabric wrapped foam cores in various profiles.

Connector Gaskets

Our wide selection of materials will accommodate most specifications. Low and high compression forces, corrosion problems and poor fittings can all be overcome by careful selection of material. We manufacture MIL 38999, MIL5015, MIL26482 and D Sub connectors.

Shielded Windows & Vents

Aluminium honeycomb vent panels in natural, painted or chromate conversion finishes. Windows to provide screened visual access, in cast polyester, laminated polycarbonate or glass or edge bonded polycarbonate. Blackened stainless steel or copper mesh interlayer with various termination options.

Shielding Hardware

Earthing straps either braided or tin plated copper strip, with or without insulating sleeve. Metal foil; copper, aluminium lead or tin plated copper, with or without pressure sensitive adhesive, conductive adhesive an option. Screened cable glands incorporating environmental seals

Electrically Conductive RTV Caulks Sealants, Adhesives & Form in Place Gasketing

A range of electrically conductive caulks and sealants designed for joints, seals and small gaps, electrically conductive adhesives for EMI shielding and grounding. Pastes and compounds for form in place applications; either conductive to provide an RF Shield, or non conductive for environmental sealing