Thermal Management

We have a wide variety of material options for the management of thermal dissipation. These include thermally conductive electrically insulating interface materials, thermally and electrically conductive materials, gap fillers, phase change materials, greases, adhesives and dry bonding tape to name but a few.

The vast majority of our work is custom made to drawing, and we can usually turn around a new part within 2- 3 weeks from receipt of order. We also hold a large number of standard die knife tools from which we can quickly produce common profiles.

Our experienced and knowledgeable technical team will be happy to provide comprehensive advice, guidance and technical support to ensure that our customers achieve the right solution.

Thermally conductive electrically insulating interface pads produced from glassfibre supported silicone elastomer with ceramic oxide fillers, Thickness range 0.18mm to 0.5mm, Thermal conductivity 0.8 to 5 WmK, Voltage breakdown 1kV to >6kV, Electrically conductive graphite pads, Thickness 0.2mm, Thermal conductivity 3.8WmK

All available as sheets or die cut parts. Pressure sensitive adhesive an option.

Aluminium oxide ceramic pads for applications requiring greater electrical insulation and lower capacitance.

Capable of achieving IEC 950 creepage requirements
Available in TO-220, TO-247 and TO-3P outlines.

Highly compressible ‘Gap Fill’ pads for interface voids greater than 0.25mm thick. Ceramic oxide filled silicone, most with a naturally tacky surface negating the need for pressure sensitive adhesive.
Thickness range 0.25mm to 6.0mm, Thermal Conductivity 1.0 to 6.0 WmK, Voltage breakdown; these pads are electrically insulating but the lack of puncture resistance means care should be exercised. Less compressible material is also available, ideal for more rugged applications eg railway and welding. Thickness 0.5mm to 2mm with reliable voltage insulation characteristics. Pressure sensitive adhesive an option.

Heatsinks stamped or extruded.

Transistor mounting clips. Zinc or nylon coated for TO-220, TO-247 and TO-3P outlines. Single or double device mounting options.

Transistor mounting insulating bushes to isolate fixings from device. In nylon or glass filled nylon.

LED or device bonding adhesive tapes. Thermally conductive dry bonding tape for attachment to heatsinks. No heat required to cure. Electrically conductive and insulative options available.

Thermally conductive adhesives, RTV and epoxy. Grease and phase change compounds and pads.